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Ravelympics 2010!!

This post is mostly for my personal link-keeping and project list for the Ravelympics at Ravelry. The cast-on event starts tomorrow night with the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics! \O/

Events I'll be participating in:

Aerial Unwind: I've got a half-done shawl to frog b/c I wound up not liking the way it looked.

Bag Jump: I want to make a market bag or two for when the farmer's market opens back up in April. :)

Free Dance: I've got a few pot-holders, scrubbies, and other assorted things to make with all the cotton yarn taking up space in my stash.

Holiday Jump-Start Skiing: I might try to do that mistletoe I messed around with last Xmas, maybe even some ornaments.

Junior Olympics: I've got plenty of baby yarn, and a niece or nephew on the way!

Scarf Super-G: I make scarves so fast that I don't even know how many I have! XD This should be a piece of cake.

Short-Track Shawls: I've got several ideas for shawls I want to make, including one from my Snowmageddon pattern.

Sock Hockey: I have several skeins of sock yarn to use up, and patterns at the ready!

Stash Compulsory Dance: I've got so much old yarn to use up. *facepalm* Luckily, whatever I do with it will also count toward other events.

WIPs Dancing: I have a chevron knitted scarf that I started over Xmas, then left off since the beginning of January. There might be other WIP's in my stash that I have yet to dig out, too. :p

I also might compete in one of the design events, once I figure out the rules for those, and possibly the animals category with a few cat toys.

More linkage to come later!
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