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My First Knitted Socks!!

At long last, I've taught myself to knit socks. Well, toe-up on two circs with a short-row heel, anyway. :p

From my description on my Ravelry post:

I used generic instructions from various sources on toe-up methods with 2 circs and essentially taught myself how to knit socks. I’d been saving this yarn for just this project, too, so I’m doubly pleased with how well they turned out.

Had to make the left sock bigger than the right (made the right first), b/c it turns out my left foot is almost 1/2 inch longer than the right, and the increases worked out just right. You can’t even see where I decreased on the ankle below the cuff, even in the closeup pic (the last pic). :D

Didn’t use the whole skein of yarn, so there might be a matching headband or some such to come later. Who knows?








Tags: knitting, pattern: generic, socks
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YAY! Those look fantastic! Is the yarn self-striping? *ogles*
Hee!! Thanks, hon! :D

It sure is. I don't think I'll ever attempt anything that complicated on its own. :p The yarn is Jo-Ann Sensations Bamboo & Ewe, so it's available all over. :)
Jo-Ann's has its own brand? Awesome, will have to check that out sometime. I just love the self-patterning ones. My socks are using Lion Brand self-striping, which has disappointingly short stripes but is still an awesome color.
Jo-Ann's has so many goodies, I had to force myself to stop going for a few months. :p They have LOTS of self-patterning yarns, in several different brands (I LOVE the Deborah Norville Serenity Sock-Weight collection, they're gorgeous, soft, and priced right :D).